Sunday Funday…

Hello 3CA, I hope you are all well. I am missing you all and have been reminiscing today about some of our best moments in school! I will post these as a lovely reminder for us all of past learning and inspire future learning.

One of my personal favourites, is when Matthew Bellwood came in and did our Lemminkainen workshop with us.

We had the amazing opportunity to listen to an Icelandic folk tale about a boy called Lemminkainen. To bring the story to life, we sang songs, dressed up in costumes and masks and used our acting skills. For the final part of the day, we got to create our very own shadow puppets to retell the story using an overhead projector behind a canvas.

Lexia Legends and TT Rockstars…

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Another week of learning has flown by and I have been so impressed to see so many of you engaging with this!

As promised, I am going to give a shout out to my Lexia and TT Rockstars of the week…

My Lexia Legends for the most minutes are: Jayden, Rueben and Harrison.

My TT Rockstars of the week are: Teegan, Rory and Jayden!

Well done to all of you, I am very proud! 🙂

The Northern Lights

Thank you to all the ACE Artists in 3CA who have submitted these beautiful pictures of The Northern Lights. I am so impressed with your creativity and love seeing your different interpretations. Well done!

Epic Readers!

Wow 3CA, I have been absolutely blown away with how many books you have finished this week! As promised, I am going to do my top Epic readers of the week…

So, well done to Ashleigh, Macy and Tilly F for ready the most books this week, what brilliant work! Keep it up and let’s see who are my Epic readers next week!

EPIC Readers!

Oh my goodness, another huge wow moment this morning! I logged on to EPIC! to see how many books we have read in total and you have already finished 47 books! I am feeling very proud this morning and to add to my Lexia and TT Rockstar shoutouts on Friday, I will be shouting out my top 3 EPIC Readers!

Keep it up 3CA 🙂

Wednesday update!

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Good morning 3CA, I hope you are all well! I would like to share some fantastic home learning news with you all this morning… Even though it is only Wednesday, there are already 7 children who have completed all their Lexia minutes for the week! So, a huge well done to Jayden, Tilly F, Shamara, Mohamad, Mia, Rueben and Harrison!

I will still be doing a Friday for the 3 children who have the most minutes so keep going!

Miss Allison

Who ate my cake?

Year 3, I need your help! Yesterday I left a big slice of cake on the side, ready to eat today. I have come back to my cake today and someone has eaten it! Please can you help me work out who ate it?

Who stole my cake? The cake thief got all the answers correct…

  1. 6 x 6 =
  2. 4 x 7 =
  3. 11 x 8 =
  4. 3 x 12 =
  5. 8 x 8 =

Comment your answers!

Well Done!

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Hello 3CA, we are into our second week of home learning now and I have already been impressed with some of the work entries I have received on Google Classroom! Remember, please email me if you need your username and password.

On our Google Classroom stream I gave a few shoutouts to those children who particulalrly stood out for their usage on Lexia and TT Rockstars, let’s have a reminder of who they were…

“TT Rockstars- I would like to say a massive well done to Adam and Harrison for completing all of their sessions, great work boys, keep it up!
Lexia- I would like to say congratulations to Shamara, Amari, Rueben and Ayaan who have completed the most Lexia minutes this week!”

Brilliant work guys, let’s see who will get the shout out this Friday!