Friday shoutouts…

Well 3CA, we have reached our final day of this school year and I couldn’t be prouder of all of you! You have worked so hard and it has been a pleasure to teach you all in my NQT year. I hope you all have a lovely summer and come back refreshed and ready for Year 4!

This week, my Lexia Legends are: Taliah, Ayaan, Rory and Amari.

My TT Rockstars are: Leart, Rory, Harrison and Ezra.

My EPIC Readers are: Ayaan, Macy, Shi Ying and Jayden.

Well done to everyone for all of your home learning and I will see you all in September!

Friday shoutouts…

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Another week done, and another closer to the summer holidays! It is so amazing to see how hard you are all still working, it’s the final push, keep it up!

This week, my Lexia Legends are: Tilly F, Ayaan, Wilson and Rory!

My TT Rockstars are: Rory, Harrison, Rueben and Ezra!

My Epic Readers are: Ayaan, Macy and Shi Ying!

Well done to all of you and well done again to those of you completing paper packs! Have a lovely weekend.

Friday shoutouts…

Hello 3CA, the time has come again for the Friday shoutouts! Once again, you have all impressed me with your home learning, whether it be online or via a paper pack!

This week, my Lexia Legends are: Rueben, Jayden, Rory and Wilson,

My TT Rockstars are: Matilda, Ezra, Jayden and Harrison,

My Epic Readers are: Macy, Ayaan and Shi Ying!

Well done to all of you and keep it up!

Home Learning Heroes!

We have come to the end of another busy week filled with lots of amazing home learning! This week, my Home Learning Heroes are Wilson and Ayaan!

Wilson has really impressed me with his ACE writing tasks this week and I have been super impressed to see him planning out his writing pieces before completing them. This way, Wilson can ensure that they are his best piece of work! Well done you and keep it up…

Ayaan has really impressed me with a garden project that he has been working on at home and it is amazing to see what flowers he has grown during lockdown. They really do look beautiful Ayaan and I am so impressed to see how patient and committed you have been, well done!

Home Learning Hero!

This week, my Home Learning Hero, is Ezra! Over the weekend, he completed a garden project with his brother Elijah and they used an old set of ladders and some pieces of their old bed frame and made them into a stand for some plants. They painted and decorated the frame and chose the plants too!

Friday shoutouts…

Hello 3CA and happy Friday! We have come to the end of another busy week, filled with plenty of sunshine! I have received some great submission of home learning this week and you will be able to check them out on parentmail!

This week, my Lexia Legends are: Kujejah, Rory, Ayaan and Wilson,

My TTRockstars are: Harrison, Rory, Macy and Dhillon,

My EPIC Readers are: Macy, Shi Ying, Ayaan and Harry!

Well done to all of you and those children completing paper packs and Google Classroom work, keep it up and have a lovely weekend!