Maths Squirrel has been on another adventure…

After having such an exciting weekend with Macy, the Maths Squirrel went home with Shi Ying for some more mathematical adventures. They got up to all sorts, including a shopping trip to Sainsbury’s where they worked out the total bill and cooking pizzas where they calculated cooking times and split the pizza into fractions! What a weekend, thank you Shi Ying!

The Big Morning Move!

To raise awareness for Children in Need, we took part in the ‘Big Morning Move’ with Joe Wicks. It was so much fun joining schools across the country in the live-streamed workout. We stretched, jumped and squatted away for 10 minutes and did so in our workout clothes and odd sock! It was great raising our heart rates as well as raising awareness for such a good cause!

The Maths Squirrel

Last week the Maths Squirrel had an exciting weekend with Macy. They went on an adventure to the supermarket, weighed ingredients and even made a new friend along the way! Thank you Macy, we are looking forward to seeing more mathematical adventures with 3CA.

Cha cha chime bars!

On Friday we were lucky enough to have the amazing Mr Mercer come in and do a chime bars lesson! We sung fun songs and learnt the different scales on the chime bars. We even sung the Greatest Showman for the grand finale! It really was “the greatest show!”